We are Speeding New Drugs to Market(R)


 The thorough knowledge that we have in Regulatory Affairs allows us to make substantive contributions to development programs. We are experts in Strategic Regulatory Affairs, Global Regulatory Affairs, and International Regulatory Affairs.

We are able to work on all therapeutic areas, and all therapeutic modalities, including orally administered drugs, injectables, inhaled therapeutics, dermatological applications, Drug-Device Combinations, and much more.

We have experience working on Rare Diseases, as well as Neglected Tropical Diseases. 

We would like to find out about your program.  We guarantee that we can help, or point you in the direction of those who can help if the program is not in our bailiwick. Sometimes we are not interested in a therapeutic area. For instance, we do not work on cannibinoids, or psychedelics. These are simply not areas that interest us.  

Give us a call or email LSPEID@SNDTM.COM. 


Anyone who has been trained to run will tell you that the fastest runners in a relay need to be the first and last in the line-up.  Despite this, relay racing is a team sport. Everyone on the team is important to the success of the team. 

Speid & Associates, Inc. have been in business since 2004.  Since that time we have worked on many different programs and created programs to help companies develop internal expertise.

The Drug Development Boot Camp(R) has trained hundreds of experts. You can register for the next program at www.drugstomarket.com/drugbootcamp 

We look forward to finding out how we can help you run your race the best way possible. We understand how to accelerate development programs, as well as identify potential road blocks. We are strategic, yet hands-on.


Dr. Speid founded Speid & Associates in 2004 after working in three top pharma companies, and in three biotech companies.  Speid & Associates was founded to enable Dr. Speid to use her expertise to help as many companies, and therefore as many patients as possible. 

Dr. Speid’s BIO is shown below

Her full CV is available on request by emailing LSPEID@SNDTM.COM


Dr. Speid has a high level of mastery when it comes to new medicine development, particularly, Global and Strategic Regulatory Affairs.  She has secured regulatory approvals from all major regulatory authorities. 

Dr. Speid has experience with many therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Cardiovascular, Arthritis, Malaria, Sickle Cell Disease, Influenza, Respiratory, Central Nervous System, Obesity, Diabetes, Anti-Infectives, Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Her method is what sets her apart.  Find out more by emailing LSPEID@SNDTM.COM.  Every application she has filed was approved.

Dr. Speid has experience conducting appeals, for applications that others have filed. She has a 100% track record of success with these types of challenging applications. She always says, “It is best to get it right first time”. However, if others have dug you into a hole, she will advise how to get out of it!


Dr. Speid has worked for three major pharmaceutical companies. These are Sanofi in the UK (large Group Company), Ciba Geigy in Switzerland (HQ), and Novartis (HQ) in Switzerland.

She has worked for three biotechnology companies, including GeneMedicine, NewBiotics, and Avera. Dr. Speid was an officer of the last two biotechnology companies (Vice President). 

 She started Speid & Associates in 2004, and since that time has been able to work with many companies. Many of those companies have gone onto approval.