Drug Development Consulting

Expert drug development can increase the probability of success, because it mitigates risks that you and your team may be unaware of. Drug development programs costs hundreds of millions of Dollars, and so the input that one obtains, and who gives it is important. Wrong advice and all the money spent is easily lost. As CEO, the hardest decision you will make is who to take drug development advice from.

How can you identify a qualified drug development expert?

Look at their track record. Which drugs have they secured regulatory approvals for? Where have they worked? It is not sufficient for someone to say they worked in company A or Z, but ask which teams they worked on. Then ask them about your program and seek their input on the program. If they refuse to give any input, they are probably not qualified. Experts are usually only too willing to engage in discussions about problems. They like to solve problems. If someone says, they can’t discuss your challenge because of confidentiality, run for the hills.

We look forward to hearing from you. We love to discuss challenges and ways around them.

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